Happy Family Dinner

The holidays are coming and we all know what that means….lazy days and eating till we can’t move!

Of course we should all be able to enjoy the holiday period but it would be a shame to lose all the progress that you’ve made for the sake of one day.

“I’ll just enjoy the holidays and start back after New Years.”

Sound familiar?

This mindset will only provide you with more excuses not to succeed in the future. It will make it even harder to restart.

Instead, introduce healthy habits that will keep you on track and not lose sight of what you’ve worked so hard for.

The good news is:

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to eat everything in sight! You also still have the ability to move your body! Yay!

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on track without over indulging .

1) PLAN!

Plan around your events and parties. Know what days you are going to indulge and what days you can better mange your food and training. Have your meals prepped so you can eat clean during the day and have that ‘holiday meal’ during the party.


The gyms will still be open! You can still train, there is no law against working out over the holidays. If the gyms not your thing you can still go for walks with the family, play games and keep active together.


Let yourself enjoy the off planned meals when you do have them. Remain as consistent as you can between these meals so you don’t feel guilty when you do indulge.

It’s not about perfection it’s about balance and consistency!

We hope these tips were helpful and wish you all a Merry Christmas 😉